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All Things Horror: Horror Movie Trivia - Part 1

Think you know horror? Prove it! For each question below, click on the circle next to the correct answer. When you are finished with the test, push the -Score my test- button at the bottom of the page. Good luck! The music on this page is designed to drive you crazy and increase your stress level. If you cant handle it, turn it off.


Question 1
What did the town of Crystal Lake change it's name to in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

A. Forrest Park
B. Green Hills
C. Park Hills
D. Forrest Green
E. Marshalltown


Question 2
How many psychos played Ghostface in the Scream trilogy?

A. Two
B. Three
C. Four
D. Five
E. Six


Question 3
What is Chucky's full name in the Child's Play series?

A. Charles Lee
B. Charles Ray Lee
C. Charles Lee Ray
D. Charles Messmer
E. Charles Manson


Question 4
What was the last name of the principal in Scream?

A. Principal Humphrey
B. Principal Himney
C. Principal Humpy
D. Principal Renzee
E. Principal Himbrey


Question 5
Which killer killed the most people in his movie career?

A. Ghostface
B. Freddy Krueger
C. Michael Myers
D. Jason Voorhees
E. Candyman


Question 6
Leatherface what with his victim's skins?

A. He ate them
B. He boiled them
C. He wore them
D. Nothing
E. None of the above


Question 7
What two movies contained the quote: "We all go alittle mad sometimes."

A. Scream & Psycho
B. Scream & A Nightmare on Elm St.
C. Psycho & Zombi
D. Scream 3 & Ghost Ship
E. Ghost Ship & 13 Ghosts


Question 8
Why was Freddy Krueger killed in the original Nightmare on Elm St.?

A. For Murdering Children
B. For Raping Children
C. For Kidnapping Children
D. All of the above
E. None of the Above


Question 9
Who was the killer in Friday the 13th?

A. Michael Myers
B. Freddy Krueger
C. Jason Voorhees
D. Jason's Mother
E. Jason's Father


Question 10
How many times was Jason Voorhees killed in Jason goes to Hell: The Final Friday?

A. Five
B. Four
C. Three
D. Two
E. One


Question 11
Why was Hannible Lector imprisioned in Silence of the Lambs?

A. Canniblism
B. Rape
C. Burglary
D. Molestation
E. None of the above


Question 12
What was Chucky's Girlfriend's name in The Bride of Chucky?

A. Alicia
B. Tiffany
C. Brittany
D. Tracy
E. Shannon


Question 13
Who is known as "The Scream Queen"

A. Shannon Daughorety
B. Rose McGowan
C. Holly Marie Combs
D. Jamie Lee Curtis
E. Alyssa Malano


Question 14
Dr. Sam Loomis was who's doctor

A. Jason Voorhees
B. Freddy Krueger
C. Michael Myers
D. Hannible Lector
E. Paul Rubins


Question 15
What are the 3 rules for Moguis according to Grimlens

A. No Raw Meat, No Baths, No Darkness
B. No Sex, No Drugs or Alcohol, No Saying "I'll be right back..."
C. No Bright Lights, No Water, No Food After Midnight
D. What Rules?!
E. None of the above


Question 16
Where is Jason Voorhees' "home"?

A. Elm Street
B. Forrest Greene
C. Marshalltown
D. Haddonfield
E. None of the above


Question 17
Which Halloween movie had no appearence of Michael Myers?

A. Halloween
B. Halloween 2
C. Halloween 3
D. Halloween 4
E. Halloween: H20


Question 18
Who played the Wishmaster in Wishmaster and Wishmaster2?

A. Robert Englund
B. Kane Hoddar
C. Angus Scrimm
D. Warwick Davis
E. Andrew Divoff


Question 19
Who were the first two people killed on Scream (On screen and off screen)?

A. Steve & Casey
B. Sid & Casey
C. Steve & Tatum
D. Maureen & Steve
E. Maureen & Cotton


Question 20
How many Friday the 13th movies were there as off 2002?

A. Eleven
B. Ten
C. Nine
D. Eight
E. Seven


Question 21
What was Michal Myers' weapon of choice?

A. A Chain Saw
B. A Hook-For-Hand
C. A Bladed Claw Glove
D. A Kichen Knife
E. A Boomerang


Question 22
What was Candyman's Weapon of choice?

A. A Chain Saw
B. A Hook-For-Hand
C. A Bladed Claw Glove
D. A Kichen Knife
E. A Boomerang


Question 23
What was Michael Myers' Niece's name?

A. Laurie Strode
B. Jamie Loyd
C. Tonya Harding
D. Shelly Webster
E. None of the above


Question 24
Which movie contained the quote: "Movies don't make psychos, movies make psychos more creative!"

A. Psycho
B. Scream
C. Scream 2
D. Scream 3
E. Psycho 2


Question 25
What kind of doll did Charles Lee Ray possess?

A. A Chucky Doll
B. A My Buddy Doll
C. A Good Guys Doll
D. A G. I. Joe
E. A Rock 'em- Sock 'em Robot


Question 26
What kind of sea creature was Jaws?

A. A Giant Squid
B. A Great White Shark
C. A Killer Whale
D. A Dolphin
E. A Mutant Minnow


Question 27
According to 1990's Night of the Living Dead, What is the only way to kill a zombie?

A. Silver Bullet
B. Steak Through the Heart
C. Kill the Brain
D. You can't
E. None of the above


Question 28
What does arachnophobia mean?

A. Fear of snakes
B. Fear of being racked
C. Fear of death
D. Fear of creepy crawlers
E. Fear of spiders


Question 29
What kind of dog was Cujo?

A. St. Bernard
B. Bull Dog
C. Pit Bull
D. Cocker Spaniel
E. Yellow Lab


Question 30
What are the rules to surviving a horror movie according to scream?

A. Never run upstairs when you can run out side, Never check suspecious noises, Never get naked
B. No sex, No drugs or alcohol, Never say: "I'll be right back"
C. No food after midnight, no water, no bright lights
D. Never pick a fight with a psycho, never sleep with a psycho's better half, no peeing in public
E. None of the above


Question 31
Who directed A Nightmare on Elm St.?

A. Clive Barker
B. Stephen Speilburg
C. John Carpenter
D. Wes Craven
E. James Hetfield


Question 32
What movie contained the quote: "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."?

A. Psycho
B. The Shining
C. The Night Shift
D. Halloween
E. Wolf


Question 33
What was the name of the demons summoned by the puzzle box in Hellraiser

A. The Cenimenobotes
B. The Giggabytes
C. The Cinobites
D. The Dark Army
E. Hell Spawns


Question 34
In the movie From Dusk 'till Dawn, what is the name of the bar that the main charcters go into?

A. The Twisted Nipple
B. Teezers
C. Hooters
D. J.D.'s Pub
E. The Titty Twister


Question 35
What was the name of the drug used to kill the aliens in The Faculty?

A. Scatt
B. Splatt
C. Shat
D. Coke
E. Acid


Question 36
What was Bishop in Aliens?

A. The name of a ship
B. The name of a droid
C. The name of a chess piece
D. The name of the Queen Alien
E. None of the above


Question 37
What movie contained the quote: "I have exorcised the demons!"

A. The Exorcist
B. The Exorcist 2
C. Poltergeist
D. Poltergeist 2
E. 13 ghosts


Question 38
What was Sidney's dad's name in Scream?

A. Neil
B. Cotton
C. Dewey
D. Stu
E. Ichabod


Question 39
What kind of mask did Jason wear

A. A sack with a hole
B. A hockey mask
C. A William Shatner mask
D. A & B
E. A, B, & C


Question 40
What Kind of mask did Michael Myers wear?

A. A sack with a hole
B. A hockey mask
C. A William Shatner mask
D. A & B
E. A, B, & C


Question 41
How many mechanical sharks played Jaws?

A. Six
B. Five
C. Four
D. Three
E. Two


Question 42
Who was the first person killed in Scream 3?

A. Christine
B. Cotton
C. Sidney
D. Gail
E. none of the above


Question 43
What did the aliens need to survive in The Faculty?

A. Blood
B. Sweat
C. Water
D. Beer
E. Human Flesh


Question 44
What are the rules to a trilogy according to Scream 3?

A. The body count is always bigger, The death scenes are much more elabrate, Anyone is a suspect.
B. Any one and everyone including the main charcter can die, the killer is always super human, The past will come back to bite you in the ass.
C. No sex, no drugs or alcohol, never say: "I'll be right back..."
D. All of the above
E. None of the above


Question 45
How did the killer in the Scream trilogy get dubbed Mr. Ghostface?

A. A name given to him by the Police
B. The name of the costume
C. Because fater death sounds stupid
D. Tutum calls him by that name
E. It was a name he refurred to himself by


Question 46
What was Hannible Lector's professional title?

A. Phd (Medical Doctor)
B. Dds (Dentist)
C. Therapist
D. Personal Hyginest
E. Chef


Question 47
The Scream trilogy followed a format, What in that format was broken in Scream 3?

A. Cell phones were never used
B. The killer stalked via e-mail
C. There were four killers
D. There were three killers
E. There was one killer


Question 48
How did the movie Halloween 2 begin?

A. In the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital (the HMH)
B. With flash back scenes from all of Halloween
C. Right where Halloween left off
D. In a cemetary
E. With Michael killing an old man


Question 49
Where was the original Jaws filmed?

A. In the Golf of Mexico
B. In Key West
C. In Hollywood
D. In San Juan
E. In Martha's Vineyard


Question 50
What was the name of the charter boat that the main charcters use to chase the fishy in Jaws?

A. Orca
B. Poseidon
C. Neptune
D. Ursala
E. Jennie



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